We’d like to say a quick thank you to everyone who gave 2xanadu so many opportunities in the past 2 years. 2012 is just around the corner and in this new year we’re aiming for one big goal amidst a bunch of smaller achievements.

During the past 2 years our team has changed a lot, some people left whilst new faces joined, ultimately this is how we discovered a new vision for the studio. We have found new inspiration, knowledge and direction through our experiences with different people and clients. This also enabled us to get out of our comfort zone and drive us to push our creativity and professionalism to a new level.

Looking back we are very happy about the work we have done and what we achieved. One of our biggest endeavours was the Bespoke Creative Show which we held in London in 2010. For this event we had the opportunity to work with a veteran of the creative industry, John McFaul of McFaul Studio. We were extremely happy to have John as a mentor for the team, working with him on branding for LUMA and a lot of potential projects from China.

Unfortunately John isn’t working with us anymore due to pursuing other interests in America, however one last thing he did for the team before he flew off to NYC was to invite a very talented creative, Mike Harrison, to join us. Mike is now our Design Director and he is working closely with founder Peter Lin on an array of different projects.

Our achievements in the past proved to everyone that we are more than just a young team with big dreams. Thank you to everyone who believed in our abilities, you are our motivation to push ourselves further each year!

More to come in 2012.

Team 2X

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