Our Creative Director Peter got back from Germany last week. He visited the world’s biggest bike show, Eurobike, and while he was there attended a few meetings for some upcoming projects for the bike industry.

The most exciting one will be working with the largest bike manufacturer in Germany, Focus Bikes. We have worked with them before but this time it will be a much bigger project. The smaller project we did for them in 2009 will be nothing compared to this! We will be handling the branding and marketing planning for them within China over the next 3 years, and it’s all kick starting next month!

Focus Bikes was founded in 1992 by world Cyclocross champion Mike Kluge. They began manufacturing bicycles with the aid of Derby Cycle Werke the following year. The first production line gave birth to several varieties of mountain bike, and by 1995 Focus began to produce touring bicycles and a lot of pro-teams and cyclists started to use their bikes for their races like Tour de France. Recognised for its superb quality all over the world, the company has opened up subsidiaries in the U.S and European market and has now expanded to the Asian territories.

2xanadu is playing a big role for Focus Bikes in the chinese market. We are going to create a series of illustrations for their branding and marketing materials and their new store in Hong Kong! Watch out for it, we will keep you guys updated about the project via the blog!

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