The CMS Cycling Team in Hong Kong came to us with a task of creating a set of racing gear for the 2012-2012 season.

Set up in 1996, Team CMS are formed by essential riders, such as ex-members and current members of Hong Kong team, and selected young and promising riders who participate in specialized training scheme. Through joining local and overseas international races, the team have successfullly promote and popularize cycling race, thereby, raising Hong Kong’s cycling skills to international standard.

We were asked to create a set of team gear for the CMS cycling team in a non-traditional style. Therefore we had the idea to use a contemporay illustrative style on their gear which spoke energy and passion.

On the design itself we used pink and red to represent the passion if the riders. We also incorporated a lot of linework to give the design a rich amountof detail, making the gear draw people’s attendtion easily.

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