SCAA Cycling team photo shoot

We recently completed a photo shoot for the SCAA Cycling team in Hong Kong. It was shot on location in Tai Mo Shan Peak, the highest mountain in Hong Kong and we managed to capture some beautiful photos after a gruelling 6 hours of photo shooting and riding!


Before the shoot Peter gave a short briefing to the riders, and being a keen cyclist himself he then joined them and art directed the photo shoot during the ride.

Below is sneak peek of a couple of photo’s. More to come soon!



Triumph Street Triple – Photo’s!

We’re glad to be able to show you some photo’s of this recent project that we completed last December. We were asked to design a new paint job and illustrative icons for a motorbike, the Triumph Street Triple. The theme was inspired by cafe racers.

The vinyl team did a great job applying our designs onto the bike!

Triumph Street Triple – Update

Following on from this post we have now started work on the illustration for the motorbike, here’s a little work in progress image to wet the appetite, more to come soon!

Habitue Branding

We’ve just finished this branding for Habitue, new Hong Kong international investment company.

The idea was to create something to represent ‘international’, therefore we used lines to create the outline of the circle, then rotated the letter H in the centre of the circle to be read as “H” or also an “I” standing for Habitue International.

Triumph Street Triple

If you’re following us on twitter you may have seen us talking about creating some custom illustration for a motorbike, the Triumph Street Triple. The theme is about rock culture and we’ve made a start on it now so thought we’d show a little preview. Stay tuned to the blog for more updates in the near future!

Hangzhou Tourism – The Westlake

We were approached last week by Publicitas (China) to assist them on a global project pitch for the Hangzhou Tourism Office. They wanted us to come with a large scale design that could be translated onto a number of different buses in New York, France, London and Malaysia.

It was a big challenge for us to come up a design in just 2 days, and although we would have definitely liked more time we battled through and are pleased with the results, have a look below.

GigaSports Hong Kong

We were well chuffed to see our illustration all over the LUMA section in the GigaSports store in Hong Kong. It was applied onto the walls, floors, tables and shelves. Check out some images below, but head over to the project page for larger ones and more info on the project.

(A big thanks to Albert for taking some great photos for us!)