Who we are

2xanadu is a young, full service creative design studio who instigate and facilitate innovative art & design projects across the globe. We specialise in graphic design, illustration, web design, brand development and art direction.

We are passionate collaborators and use the best people to help develop a simple idea into something great and strike a balance between art and commercial advertising. Excitement, energy, passion and ambition are just a few of the tools we utilise in every aspect of our work, ultimately aiming to enhance the power of a brand.

Our previous clients include Nike, Jimmy Choo Couture, ESPN, Focus Bikes, LUMA Pro Body Gear, Tamburlaine Fashion, China Fashion Foundation, United Business Media, Newpage, Computer Arts, Digital Arts, IdN, Advanced Photoshop, Eleven777, Miss Top Model UK, Bikes Corner, Sansegal, HKTDC.

How we do it

We deploy a pool of well experienced professionals on our projects and put our creative thinking, design skills, branding and advertising knowledge to exceptional use for every client.

We don’t limit ourselves to one particular style of work as different styles of design carry different messages. Using our variety of capabilities we deliver your message to the market and connect your brand to your target audience. Therefore communication and an understanding of your needs are two very important factors for us.

Be it a simple logo design to a full branding and marketing campaign, we are comfortable with any size project and thrive on challenging ourselves and pushing our creative boundaries. From day one of concepts and ideas, to development, production then delivery, we are with you every step of the way to make your ideas come to life in the most inventive and thought provoking ways.

Key People

“Understand your clients brand and market in order to provide effective, creative solutions and inspire others”

Peter is the Founder and Executive Creative Director of 2xanadu, focussing on global business development and project management.

He worked as a freelance designer from 2006 and was also part of one of the UK’s leading online retailers as an in house graphic designer, supporting their branding and marketing. In 2009, he was named ‘Best of British: The hottest new illustrators for 2009’ by Digital Arts, one of the best selling creative magazines in the UK. In the same year he founded 2xanadu as a creative studio.

Peter believes a great idea is at the heart of everything, creating something memorable that grabs the right audience and reaching out to them in more than just a visual way.

“Work hard, have ambitions, always be learning new things and above all be passionate about your craft.”

Design Director of 2xanadu. Co-manages every project with Peter. Ensures the team produce the highest quality work for every project.

For the past 8 years he has honed a variety of skills in the fields of graphic design, illustration, motion and photography, but things turned into more than just a passionate hobby for him and he became a freelance illustrator for a number of years. Then in early 2011 by a touch of fate and a well timed, albeit lucky email, Mike was invited to join 2xanadu and work side by side with Peter.

Mike believes in always learning and developing, adapting to the fast moving world of design and hoping to inspire others along the way.