Last year, Oxfam – Circle launched the charity’s pop up Curiosity shop with an auction at Selfridges. It raised over £215,000 in just two hours. Stars, including Livia and Colin Firth, Rupert Friend and Imogen Heap made bids over 12 lots. We were very glad to take part in it and our steel art fixed gear frame raised £6,000 just before the star prize of a singing performance by Annie.

This year we have the opportunity again to be involved in their charity project.  We are collaborating with Jan Kole of Colossi to support Oxfam – Circles with our bespoke dutch style bicycle. We are really happy to have a chance to collaborate with the “Steel Man”, Jan Kole! He is a very experienced steel frame builder originally from The Netherlands and an ex-pro road cyclist who has been making customised handmade bikes since 1982. The bike we are producing is a combination of classic fashion and art. Here we have a small preview on part of our design for the bike.

More to come!

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