We have a nice little contribution in this months (issue 90) Advanced Photoshop Magazine. It’s an article featuring a bunch of top designers/studios providing their experiences and tips on working with print and polishing their work. We hope we contributed something helpful! In shops now!


The College of Charleston in South Carolina came to 2xanadu with the task of creating a promotional illustration for their basketball team.

Working with their art director we decided to create a time lapse style sequence of players in the stages of a slam dunk, here’s an initial sketch that was sent to us to get some ideas flowing:

From here the college completed a successful photoshoot and sent over the highres imagery to us. Our design director Mike worked with one of our assistant designers to bring it to life using a combination of paint/watercolour textures and hand drawn elements to accentuate the energy and power of the athletes. Check out our final illustration below:

Our work was displayed on a billboard, window display and other promotional materials for the team. We were definitely pleased with the end result, as were the college! Check out some photo’s of the illustration in use:


We’d like to say a quick thank you to everyone who gave 2xanadu so many opportunities in the past 2 years. 2012 is just around the corner and in this new year we’re aiming for one big goal amidst a bunch of smaller achievements.

During the past 2 years our team has changed a lot, some people left whilst new faces joined, ultimately this is how we discovered a new vision for the studio. We have found new inspiration, knowledge and direction through our experiences with different people and clients. This also enabled us to get out of our comfort zone and drive us to push our creativity and professionalism to a new level.