Sorry for the long silence! The last couple of months have been pretty hectic with some new and exciting projects.

Let’s start with the less cheerful news before moving to the good stuff so that we can end on a positive note. Our creative team has been reformed as John Mcfaul decided to move to New York to join Safari Sundays. It’s been great working with John over the past months so a big shout out for him! We are hoping to collaborate again in the future.

As for the good news we have a new addition to our team, Mike Harrison! He is a very talented creative designer and illustrator who shares our passion and vision for design. The team has been very excited working with him over the past few months.

A short background on how our founder Peter and Mike met. They first saw each other’s work in the 2008 Computer Arts Graduate Showcase where they were both featured. Three years later by a touch of fate and a well timed, albeit lucky email, the two of them crossed paths again and had the chance to work together.

So keep your eyes out as we are going to make some noise! And prepare to get your mind blown by the upcoming Bespoke: Creative projects!

Last but not least, our brand new portfolio and website are on their way! Sit tight and stay tuned people!